Test Types

Type I
Pressure Test


The Type I test method is used on rigid pipe materials that do not display creep such as ductile iron, stainless steel or glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

The method measures the pressure loss from a pipeline by recording the volume of water that must be added to maintain system test pressure (STP). This is done through the use of the Water Added Machine, a unique innovation to AHS that enables increments of water to be added to the pipeline throughout the duration of the test. By recording this data, the operator is able to immediately cease testing if a test fail is identified, saving valuable time and resources. An AHS analyst will then be on hand to help the operator identify and resolve the issue.

A traditional type I hydrostatic pressure test does not record the pressure loss until the test duration is over, meaning a test failure cannot be identified until the test is complete.


Test Types

The testing method used for rigid pipe materials such as ductile iron and GRP.

A quick, yet effective test for when time is of the essence.

Test housing connections with confidence with our newly designed methodology.



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