Who We Are

Your partners for complete pipeline solutions

AHS Pipeline Innovation

We are a specialist provider of
pipeline-related equipment and expertise to our partners, the nation’s water companies, drainage contractors and civil engineers.

As well as our own innovative in-house equipment like the Vertform® manhole invert system and PIPE pressure testing systems, our product range is sourced from world-leading suppliers including Hächler, Lampe and Sava.

At AHS we offer a complete range of solutions for the construction, testing and repair of pipes and manholes, across utilities, construction, civil engineering and water treatment.

With an extensive product range, from in-house innovations to products sourced from the world’s most respective suppliers, we have the best possible pipeline equipment for every task.

Whatever the scale or complexity of your job, and no matter how challenging the environment, with AHS you can be completely confident you’re receiving the right solution, whenever and wherever you need it.

Your Partners
for expertise

Every member of our team is a pipeline services expert, ready to provide you with the advice, training and support you need to operate your equipment effectively and complete your job safely, without issue or delay.