Intelligent Chlorination System Used on West Cumbria Pipeline Scheme


At AHS Pipeline Innovation, in collaboration with J N Bentley and United Utilities, we are proud to have contributed our expertise and cutting-edge technology to the successful resolution of water supply challenges in West Cumbria. Our intelligent chlorination equipment played a key role in the completion of the High Leys and Moota Hill Service Reservoirs, ensuring a reliable water supply for communities such as Egremont and Whitehaven.

Our collaboration introduced the AD1-150 intelligent chlorination unit, a ground-breaking solution designed by Aquadose and supplied by us. This innovative system proved instrumental in chlorinating and dechlorinating the pipework with efficiency, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the distributed water.

The AD1-150’s remarkable features, including its portability, versatility, and impressive flow range of 5 to 370 litres per minute, alongside a durable battery life of 14 hours, showcased its practicality and efficiency throughout the project.

At AHS Pipeline Innovation, we are committed to supporting our customers in their pursuit of innovation and excellence. Through the use of state-of-the-art solutions like the AD1-150, we continue to advance industry standards and address complex challenges with confidence and effectiveness.