Vertform® is an innovative system developed by AHS that offers a unique solution for constructing manhole inverts.

It consists of a set of reusable pre-formed components that are installed to create a mould, allowing the creation of a watertight manhole base without requiring skilled labour.

Concrete is poured and set around the mould in a single step, giving a consistent and high-quality finish. The Vertform® system is highly versatile, allowing for the creation of custom shapes and angles to fit specific project requirements, and is suitable for pipelines ranging from 375mm to 1,800mm.


Features &

  • Provides a consistent, high-quality and water-tight finish
  • Straightforward installation in as little as 45 minutes
  • No need for skilled manual labour
  • Fully customisable to fit specific project requirements
  • Suitable for pipelines ranging 373mm to 1800mm
  • Minimal timber wastage
  • No heavy lifting required


The system’s ability to achieve custom shapes and angles allows for a fully bespoke solution that can cope with a wide range of challenges, such as changes in pipe diameter and multiple lateral connections.

Vertform can also be used to form either double step irons or toeholds for manhole access. A box-out frame can be used to attach additional shuttering and create a landing area, providing safe access to shallow manholes.

Manhole inverts with 3-way or even 4-way connections can also be formed at invert-to-invert or soffit-to-soffit level.



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