Vertform®: Easy manhole base construction solution

Designed and developed by Ant Hire Solutions, Vertform® is a unique manhole base construction system that allows manhole inverts to be built easily without the need for skilled teams of labourers.

Vertform ® has the flexibility to create manhole inverts for multiple connections and pipe diameter changes. The sets are designed to create:

3 and 4-way connections;
landing areas;
lateral connections;
open channel former; and
produce manhole access (double step irons, walkways or toeholds)

Vertform ® has been compared to manhole invert ‘Meccano’. It is simple and easy to use, giving construction workers the tools they need to produce high-quality manhole inverts with minimal effort, in comparison to traditional manhole base construction methods and some pre-fabricated manhole inverts which can be purchased on the market.

After discussing manhole invert needs with and expert in our customer service team, which will include a review of technical drawings if required, the Vertform® set will arrive on-site within 24 hours of order completion*. All fixtures and fittings are included in the delivery so construction workers can begin building the manhole invert when the set arrives. If requested, Ant Hire Solutions will send its Vertform® Demonstration and Field Customer Service Executive, Tony Cannings who has over 10 years’ experience in laying and using Vertform® in a variety of scenarios.

Construction of the manhole invert can be done in less than 1.5 hours and takes place in a single operation, requiring no granolithic sealing. Our expert can stay on-site to ensure the installation runs smoothly and all team members are fully trained.
Vertform® is proven to produce exceptional results for every project it’s been used for and meets the latest water industry and ‘Sewers for Adoption’ requirements.

Speak to our experts about using Vertform® as your time and cost-saving alternative to traditional and prefabricated manhole base construction methods.

*Subject to time and day of order being placed and confirmed.