Troglotech Dealer of the Year 2017

Ant Hire has been awarded ‘Dealer of the Year’ from Troglotech in recognition of their outstanding sales and service.

Troglotech is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art Inspection Cameras. The company has seen rapid growth in recent years, with approximately a 10% increase in 2017, and now has 19 dealers globally.

Ant Hire is Troglotech’s UK dealer and began working with them in 2007. As well as selling the systems, Ant Hire also has their own service and repair centre where trained technicians can keep your system in optimum condition. Ant Hire also has a number of Troglotech systems in their hire fleet which utilises the systems ruggedness and reliability.

Tim Meek, Director of Troglotech Ltd said: “2017 was another record-breaking year for Troglotech in the UK, with Ant Hire playing a huge part in the sales success. Not only have they maintained their customer base successfully, but they have also moved into new territory for the Troglotech systems including high-pressure water, high-pressure gas and electricity generating systems”

Troglotech is constantly developing new products that are compatible with the T804 pushrod system. The greatest advance has been made with the T812 Pan & Tilt camera with ‘Digital Lens Measurements’ which has radically changed the way on-site defect classification is made. Combined with the cameras ‘Human Perspective View’, the T812 is now seen as the industry leader. Over the next year, Troglotech will continue expanding the product range, with each new product being compatible with the T804 system.