The UK’s first IMS Robotics Ultra High-Pressured Robotic Cutter sold to PBF Drainage

The UK’s first IMS Robotics Ultra High-Pressured Robotic Cutter sold to PBF Drainage facilitated by Ant Hire Solutions.

Ant Hire Solutions’ John Rose, Head of Robotic Cutting has been working with IMS Robotics as their UK partner to break ground with one of their new generation Ultra High-Pressured Robotic Cutter machines. PBF drainage, one of Ant Hire Solutions long-standing IMS Robotics customers wanted to move into new business areas and seized the chance to challenge the market with the Premium Flex.

IMS Robotics’ Premium Flex Ultra High-Pressured Robotic Cutter is a first in the UK marketplace. Built by IMS Robotics with precision German engineering, this multifunctional system can be utilised as both a DN80-250 robotic cutting device and also as a UHP Directional Water cutting system. Operating at 1000 bar pressure safely with IMS Robotics currently undergoing testing of the Premium Flex at pressures up to 2500 bar.

James Stern, Director at PBF Drainage was searching for a new robotic cutter that offered both Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) water cutting capabilities and the ability to operate in small diameter pipes. This was proving challenging, especially as he required a supplier who could also offer first-class customer support and efficient repairs.

John Rose and his innate knowledge of the IMS Robotics fleet knew the only product that would best serve PBF Drainages’ unique needs: the IMS Premium Flex. Having used IMS products for almost 10 years through Ant Hire Solutions, James knew he would have no issue with the performance and servicing of any new IMS machine he invested in. But as this was such a large investment for PBF Drainage, James was keen to learn more about the various applications the Premium Flex and its technical specifications.

Ant Hire Solutions coordinated for James to visit the IMS plant in Germany with John Rose to see the Premium Flex in action. The cutter was put through its paces in various testing scenarios: cutting through different thickness of concretes, fats, and materials. Both John and James were impressed with the speed and accuracy the device performed to and its high specifications – 70mtr supply hose, DN80-250 robotic cutting at 10bar (40CFMs) and DN100-250 Ultra High Pressure directional water cutting at 1000bar –

The trip to IMS in Germany was a resounding success for Ant Hire Solutions and PBF Drainage, with James placing an order for the Premium Flex upon his return. The cutter was delivered to James and the PBF Drainage team back in July. Now equipped with this elite piece of precision cutting engineering PBF are ready to take on their new contracts with confidence that the DN80-250 IMS Premium Flex will perform to and exceed its already high expectations.

James is in no doubt the Premium Flex will allow him to move into new market segments and continue to build upon the company’s solid reputation in the drainage industry. Being the only IMS Premium Flex in the UK at the moment, PBF is confident that their new investment can be maintained and serviced in the UK by Ant Hire Solutions expert IMS engineers. John Rose continues to support the sale of this cutter with training and expert advice.

To find out more about the IMS Premium Flex contact John Rose here.