John Reilly Civil Engineering 5 years of using Vertform®

Manhole base construction with Vertform®

The Situation
One of our most dedicated Vertform® customers, John Reilly Civil Engineering, have been using our inverted manhole base construction sets for over 5 years. When work was contracted to John Reilly’s to construct a series of manholes for developer services, they had a challenge of ensuring each manhole was of consistent quality and complied with the United Utilities Sewers for Adoption high standards.

The Challenge
John Reilly’s prefer to use Vertform to construct the volume of manholes that needed to be built in the set time frame outlined in the contract. Traditionally built manholes can take up to 48 hours longer to complete and usually requires a minimum of 2 builders to construct a single base.
Each manhole built with traditional methods has the risk of inconsistent quality with no way to regulate the work of one builder to the next. John Reilly’s were restrained by time and the need for a consistent high quality finish.

How Ant Hire Solutions Helped
After hearing about Vertfrom® from a contact in the construction industry, Andy Holbrooks, Construction Manager at John Reilly Civil Engineering contacted Ant Hire Solutions to find out more. Andy saw how the Vertform® sets completed manhole base construction in a single operation and required no granolithic benching or time-consuming sealing. He also saw how the system Vertform reduced the requirements for skilled joiners and the worry regarding inconsistent constructions. Our equipment coupled with expert knowledge and quick delivery systems allowed John Reilly Civil Engineering to take on their new contract with full confidence that our Vertform® sets will guarantee quality and consistency.

Andy Holbrooks has been hiring equipment from Ant Hire Solutions for over 5 years now and commented:

“I will never look back from using Vertform®, I know any member of my team can use this to create a manhole that will meet the high standards set by our clients. The utility companies who contract us are very happy with our work; this has led to more contracts as we’ve been able to build on our reputation. I know the Ant Hire Solutions customer service team is always on hand to advise my workers on-site and make sure sets are delivered promptly. I aim to get Vertform on every one of our construction locations when we’re constructing manholes. I can’t thank the team at Ant Hire Solutions enough for their dedication to delivering outstanding service in all they do.”

Designed and developed by Ant Hire Solutions, Vertform® is a totally unique system that allows manhole inverts to be constructed quickly, safely and easily by unskilled teams.

Vertform® is proven to produce exceptional results. For every project, our team review your construction plans to make sure the Vertform®  system is specified to the exact requirements of the project, ensuring you get a durable, high-quality finish in the shortest possible timeframe.