Expert pipeline pressure testing with Ant Hire Solutions’ new guide

Pipeline pressure testing is one of the primary solutions utility companies can employ to reduce the pressure of leakage on their networks, safeguarding the UK’s water system in the face of an increasing UK population, and water scarcity due to climate change.

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To help you better understand and perform hydrostatic pressure tests, Ant Hire Solutions have produced a free guide, Experts guide to pipeline pressure testing, get it right first time.
The guide is designed to help improve the way you plan and perform trouble-free hydrostatic pipeline pressure tests. Featuring a wide range of best practice advice from Ant Hire Solutions’ pipeline pressure testing experts, it has everything you need to conduct pressure tests safely and effectively. Download today and help us make the UK’s water networks more robust and efficient for generations to come.
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Download the free guide today, and contact our expert team for more information on Ant Hire Solutions’ range of industry-leading pipeline pressure testing equipment, test monitoring services and our unique data management system.