Supporting Business Growth Plans with New Team Members

At Ant Hire Solutions our business objectives and how they are to be achieved are always front of mind.

Over the past 18 months, the business has expanded many teams to help prepare for the next AMP cycle and the ambitious growth targets set across pressure testing, pipeline flow control, robotic cutter and cameras. Every team at Ant Hire Solutions has grown by at least one new member.

The new employees have allowed more focus on certain areas of operations and freed up the time to streamline these, creating new and efficient methods of working. These have increased the speed and flexibility with which we can process customer orders and enquiries.

The pressure testing team have worked tirelessly to develop our service offering. Having grown by 3 members over 18 months, it has helped ensure we continue to revolutionise parts of the pressure testing industry.

Having an ever-expanding business and team means we are always innovating our products, exploring new ventures and taking on new talent with new ideas. Here are the 15 new team members who’ve joined in the last 18 months: Harry Magee, William Hargarty, Declan Prentice, John Hulse, Rebecca Lewis, Jamie-Lee Hardy, Daniel Winfield, Luke Watkins, Tim King, Jack Barry, Curtis Campbell, Mark Simms, Paige McGeehan, Michael Guy and Karolina Grochowska. Welcome everyone!