Safe Sewer Isolation: The Ultimate Solution

The UK’s sewers are prematurely ageing; they are continually performing at maximum capacity due to the growth in the population. Pressure on the network is also magnified during extreme weather events.

These conditions do not just impact the reliability of the network, but also the management and frequency of their maintenance and repair. Technically, these operations are becoming harder for the contractors and utilities, as they strive to maintain efficiency and more importantly ensure safety of personnel and the environment.

Major pipeline inspection and repair can no longer be left to chance, as the risk of injury, damage and environmental contamination multiply. Thankfully, however, there is now the ultimate solution available, one that tackles the current inflexible and outdated solutions, helps safeguard staff and ensures work can be carried out effectively.

The LAMPE Isolation Device is a self-restraining inflatable device employed to control flow within major pipelines and sewers. With its specific cone-shaped design, the LAMPE Isolation Device expands against the pipeline and sewer walls at a very low pressure (of around 0.01 bar).

Unlike conventional pipe stoppers, when inflated they do not shorten in length which reduces the surface area in contact with the pipe, and in turn increases the risk of slippage. And in the event of pressure loss, traditional expanding stoppers could lose contact and be ejected from the pipe at a great force if not braced or strutted.

This problem doesn’t exist with the LAMPE Isolation Device. Once inflated to 1 bar, LAMPE Isolation Devices are firmly secured, without the need for additional bracing. If a LAMPE Isolation Device depressurises, it won’t immediately lose grip on the wall, retaining the head of water until workers can exit the pipeline safely.

The LAMPE Isolation Device is also highly flexible:

Suitable for circular, ovoid, elliptical, square and rectangular pipe profiles
Can be used in pipe diameters between 400mm to 3,600mm
One size fits several diameters. For instance, a 1500mm stopper can fit pipes between 500-1,500mm.

The LAMPE Isolation Device also has several other important features that make it simpler, faster and far more efficient to use.

Can be folded tightly, allowing the LAMPE through manholes and smaller access points
Light in weight
Highly resistant to chemicals
Repairable should they be damaged
And have a proven life span of more than 40 years

Ant Hire Solution’s LAMPE Isolation Device Technical and Operational Guidelines

In conjunction with Thames Water and Mott Macdonald Bentley, Ant Hire Solutions have produced recommended best-practice guidelines for the safe use of LAMPE Isolation Device.
The guidelines are the first of their kind for the UK, going beyond existing guidance and providing contractors with access to the expertise they need to safely and efficiently isolate sewers for inspection and repair.

Download the technical & Operating Guidelines

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