PBF Drainage – IMS drive system plus with special cutting head

PBF Drainage Services – Drainage Solutions and reactive emergency works

The situation
One of our long-standing customers, PBF Drainage Services, were approached by a company located in Solihull who had a challenge they needed help with. A steel pile had been driven through a DN225 foul sewer running under their factory at a depth of 5 meters and the only access for the pipe was either 150m D/S pipe or a 60m U/S. PBF’s client had heard of their precision work and quick turnaround times in dealing with problematic tasks so they knew they would be well equipped to undertake this work.

The challenge
The 150m D/S pipe access was deemed unfeasible to work with by PBF due to the distance of the pipe, therefore the only access was the 60m D/S. PBF Drainage Services turned to Ant Hire Solutions to help them with the challenge. It was agreed using an IMS Drive System coupled with the metal cutting tool, was ideal for this difficult task.

How Ant Hire Solutions helped
John Rose, Head of Robotics at Ant Hire Solutions, supported PBF with both the hire of the specialist kit and provided on-site training to the PBF team working on the job. The IMS Drive System was used for 8 weeks to remove the 8mm thick pipe that had also been filled with Ron federal concrete. Due to the continued use, onsite servicing was carried out to reduce any downtime and damage to the cutter, all supplied by Ant Hire Solutions.

Our equipment and quick response time coupled with PBF Drainage Service’s expert knowledge of drainage allowed this somewhat difficult project to run smoothly.

Director of PBF Drainage Service, James Stern, was delighted with another successful hire and stated –

“As a business it’s great to know we can always turn to Ant Hire Solutions when we need specialist equipment. What made this contract more difficult was the need for a special cutting head which Ant Hire Solutions were more than flexible in sourcing and supplying. The level of customer service we received was outstanding and the onsite servicing helped us carry on working and made the whole process much more efficient. I would only get this level of dedication from Ant Hire Solutions. They’ll always be my first choice for robotics as everything they do is a cut above the rest.”