Training & Consultancy


At AHS we go beyond offering top-quality equipment for pipeline projects. We also provide specialist project consultancy services that bring a wealth of advantages to our clients.

With their extensive knowledge and years of industry experience, our team can offer tailored solutions that will optimise your projects, ensuring efficiency and regulatory compliance. Our expertise doesn’t stop at equipment; it extends to project planning, problem-solving, and keeping our customers up to date with industry best practices.

AHS offers one-to-one sessions with our experts at no extra cost. These sessions are designed to provide a platform for in-depth discussions about your pipeline projects, examining any technical drawings you may have and considering any challenges that may arise. We’re here to help you navigate these challenges, enhance project outcomes, and make well-informed decisions.


With AHS, you’ll receive support well beyond the planning phase as we also offer comprehensive training solutions. Whether your team is entirely new to our equipment or simply needs a refresher, we provide both remote and on-site training options. We understand that well-trained teams not only enhance project efficiency but also contribute to safety and compliance with industry standards.

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