Test Types

Type II
Pressure Test


By far the most commonly used testing method, type II testing is designed for pipe materials that exhibit visco-elastic behaviours, such as polyethylene.

These materials expand under high pressures, a process known as ‘creep’. The flexible nature of these materials makes it difficult to determine whether pressure loss during a test is the result of water leakage or pipe expansion. Other factors such as temperature can also influence the amount of expansion, further complicating the test analysis process.

A Type II pressure test begins by bringing the pipeline up to system test pressure (STP) where it is left for a specified time-period based on the pipe’s ramp-up time. The pressure loss during the test period is recorded and then resolved through a series of algorithms.


Test Types

The testing method used for rigid pipe materials such as ductile iron and GRP.

A quick, yet effective test for when time is of the essence.

Test housing connections with confidence with our newly designed methodology.



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