Data Management


AHS’s PIPE dashboard is an online platform designed to streamline the management and analysis of pressure test data. 

With PIPE, contractors and operators can easily access and review their pressure testing data in one centralised location

The dashboard provides a single view of test safety, compliance, and leakage data, allowing users to track and monitor the performance of their pressure tests. With its intuitive interface, users can drill down into the data for in-depth analysis by location, site, and operator, gaining valuable insights to inform decision-making and client quality assurance. PIPE also allows for benchmarking performance against industry standards, helping to identify areas for improvement and training. The dashboard also serves as a secure database for test certificates, making it easy for users to download and access them at any time.

Through PIPE, we aim to provide our customers with the best industry tools to effectively manage their pressure testing activity, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and safety in their operations.


Need Help?

If you’re having trouble accessing your PIPE login or do not yet have one, give us a call on 0333 567 3210 and we’ll get you started.


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