Pressure Testing


Pressure testing is an essential part of the pipeline commissioning process and an industry requirement for any contractor installing or rehabilitating potable water and rising mains.

It is necessary to identify faults, leaks, and other defects before they can cause expensive and time-consuming problems in the future. During a pressure test, a section of pipework is exposed to water pressure levels above its usual operating pressure for a defined period of time. The integrity of the pipework is then tested by monitoring pressure, air content, flow volume and temperature.

At AHS Pipeline Innovation, we not only offer expertise, independent analysis, and certification, but we also actively shape industry standards. As key contributors to the development of the new WIS 4-01-03 specification, our services reflect the latest in regulatory requirements and best practices. Our specialist equipment is designed, built, and maintained by our own engineers, ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. Our ‘remote intervention’ approach gives the test operator access to real-time assistance from our PT analysts, allowing us to identify and assist to resolve test failures safely and efficiently. This ensures that any problems are immediately addressed, minimising potential risks and disruptions.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll be sure to find the right pressure testing solution for you. At AHS we offer four different types of pressure testing designed for specific applications and requirements, giving you the best possible results. Discover our types of pressure test.

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Customer Onboarding

At AHS, we want our customers to have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver right-first-time pressure tests safely and efficiently.

That’s why we offer an onboarding service, which can include on-site support, to ensure best practice pressure testing delivery. Our onboarding process typically involves an initial consultation to identify specific testing requirements and any potential challenges. From there, we can provide step-by-step support, guiding you through each stage of the pressure testing process.


In addition to our onboarding services, our customers also have access to the PIPE dashboard to monitor and manage their pipeline testing data.

The dashboard provides a complete picture of pressure testing performance and can track reasons for test failure to identify areas for improvement.


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