Pipeline chlorination is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water supplies. 

By introducing chlorine or chlorine-based compounds into the pipeline system, it effectively kills and inhibits the regrowth of microorganisms, safeguarding public health and preventing waterborne diseases. At AHS, we’ve partnered with chlorination specialists Aquadose to bring you the latest in chemical dosing technology. Our ‘smart’ chemical dosing units are designed to streamline and improve the chlorination process, removing the need for manual calculations and monitoring.

The AD1-150

The AD1-150 is an intelligent dosing unit system that calculates the correct dosage of chemical needed based on the inputted pipe dimensions and other parameters. The system uses flow proportional control to adjust the dosing rate in proportion to the flow rate of the water. This ensures that the correct amount of chemical is added to the water supply at all times, regardless of variations in flow.

The AD1-150 boasts an impressive flow range of 5 to 300ltr per minute, making it suitable for a wide range of pipelines, including trunk mains. This can be further bolstered by the addition of Aquadose’s flowline adaptors which can allow the system to treat up to 370ltrs per second. Weighing less than 20kg and a long battery life of 14 hours, the AD1-150 is a highly practical and convenient chlorination solution with a wide range of applications.

The AD1-150

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Data collected by the AD1-150 during the chlorination process is uploaded to and securely stored on our PIPE dashboard. This allows our customers to view and analyse all their pipeline commissioning data in one location.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart dosing system – no need for manual calculations
  • Touchscreen interface allowing for easy configuration
  • Accompanying app for remote monitoring and control
  • Light and portable unit for convenience
  • Long battery life – 14 hours
  • Review and analyse chlorination data on PIPE dashboard

The AD1-150 is a versatile chlorination solution that offers ‘smart’ chemical dosing.



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