Pipe Stoppers

Lampe Isolation


Designed for large diameter pipes, these stoppers ensure continuous contact with pipe walls, even at low inflation pressures of 0.1 bar, mitigating ejection risks during pressure loss.

Unlike traditional stoppers, Lampe Stoppers maintain their seal at low inflation pressures without compromising contact with the pipe surface.

The Lampe Isolation Device is suitable for halting the water flow in large diameter pipelines where safety and reliability are paramount.

  • For pipelines ranging 400mm to 3,200mm in diameter
  • Withholds back pressures up to 0.5bar (5m head of water)
  • No need for additional bracing on pipe diameters greater than 1m
  • Suitable for non-circular profiles
  • Inflate via AHS compressor or site compressor




Lampe Technical

Download our comprehensive Lampe technical guide now for step-by-step instructions and safety tips on pre-installation, in-pipe inspection, operation, and maintenance.



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