Chlorination Equipment


The AD1-150 is a versatile chlorination and dechlorination solution that offers ‘smart’ chemical dosing. It calculates the precise dosage required based on inputted pipe dimensions and other parameters. Utilising flow proportional control, the system adjusts the dosing rate in direct proportion to the water flow rate, ensuring consistent and accurate chemical addition.

With an impressive flow range of 5 to 300 litres per minute, the AD1-150 is adaptable to a wide variety of pipelines, including trunk mains. By incorporating Aquadose’s flowline adaptors, the system can further extend its treatment capacity to a remarkable 370 litres per second.

Despite its high performance, the unit is exceptionally lightweight, weighing less than 20 kilograms, and boasts an extended battery life of 14 hours, making it a practical and convenient choice for various chlorination and dechlorination applications.

  • Flow proportional control for accurate dosing
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Long-lasting battery life of approximately 14 hours
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Seamless data integration with the PIPE dashboard

PIPE Dashboard


The AD1-150 is also compatible with our PIPE customer dashboard, an invaluable tool for monitoring and managing pipeline commissioning data. Data collected by the AD1-150 is uploaded to and stored on the PIPE dashboard where it can be reviewed and validated.



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