New LAMPE Stopper Safety Feature

Ensuring pipe stoppers are used safely and effectively is of paramount importance in the pipeline industry.
LAMPE pipe stopper cushions are perhaps the most versatile on the market; highly durable, lightweight and requiring no bracing. They are a great alternative to traditional expanding stoppers.

LAMPE pipe stopper cushions are unique in that they allow for the water column accumulated behind the stopper to be released slowly and in a controlled manner. As the material does not stretch, the stopper makes full circumferential contact with the pipe even at low inflation pressures.

Under certain extreme conditions however, there is no time to release the water column slowly and the stopper must be removed quickly and safely. In this instance, it is possible that the stopper will become unsecured and forced down the pipe.

To help prevent this, LAMPE have launched a range of reinforced brackets designed to withstand extremely high forces and ensure the stopper remains securely in place. Fixed with ropes or chains, the reinforced brackets hold the stopper in place after friction with the pipe wall is lost and it is exposed to the full force of the accumulated water.

The brackets will support the stopper against the force of the water column.

At Ant Hire Solutions, safety is central to everything that we do. As the UK’s primary LAMPE dealer, we will be leading the market in retrofitting all our existing LAMPE range with reinforcement brackets. Additionally, all new additions to our hire fleet will now come with them fully installed.

Find out more about our market-leading LAMPE stopper range here, or call us on 0333 567 3210.