Knowledge Base


Lampe Isolation Devices: Compliance Testing

Our range of LAMPE Isolation Devices are not your average pipe stoppers and this video gives a brief overview of our rigorous LAMPE Isolation Device testing regime.

Lampe Isolation Devices: Our Size Range

Details on sizes of our range of LAMPE Isolation Devices and Bypass stoppers.

Vertform® Manhole Shuttering System

Vertform® is an alternative solution to traditional construction methods for creating manhole bases and inverts.

Pressure Testing: Pressuring the Pipeline

A demonstration on how to pressurise a pipeline using the specially designed Ant Hire Solutions equipment.

Pressure Testing: Loss Measure Device

A demonstration of how to draw off water to measure the pressure loss in a pipe.

Pressure Testing: Test Flanges

A demonstration on how to blank off the end of a pipe to allow a test to be performed.

Pressure Testing: Pump Removal

A demonstration on how to remove a pressure testing pump while the pressure test is still running.
Ant Hire PIPE Data Management

Working with the Water Industry to Achieve 100% Leak-Free New Pipelines with a Digital Pressure-Testing Platform PIPE