Joseph Gallagher – Vertform®

The Situation
In January 2018, Yorkshire Water announced a £6 million investment aiming to protect 27 homes from flooding in Goole. The objective of the project was to build an underground storage tank that could hold excess water during periods of bad weather. To protect from flooding, Yorkshire Water were to build a 20m diameter storage tank capable of holding over 2.5 million litres of water – the equivalent to the capacity of an Olympic sized swimming pool.  The tank was to be designed so when the rain stopped, the water could then be safely returned to the main sewer network. This presented a challenge as a method was required whereby pipes of differing sizes that led to the storage tank needed to be connected at a 90-degree angle as well as provide manhole access.

The Challenge
The main contractors for the works, Joseph Gallagher, approached Ant Hire Solutions for advice on how to best overcome the challenge of connecting the large diameter pipes of varying sizes in a quick and hassle-free way.

How Ant Hire Solutions Helped
Our expert team analysed the site drawings and proposed they use our manhole base construction system, Vertform, to overcome the difficulty of aligning the incoming pipes.

By using our highly versatile system, Joseph Gallagher were able create an invert with the perfect profile for their circumstances.  Our specialist Vertform® demonstrator Tony Cannings joined the contractors on site to guide them through the quick and easy installation process

 “The system arrived onsite within 2 – 3 stillages and was quickly assembled onsite with Tony’s expert help. The system is easily assembled, struck and cleaned leaving a high-quality finish. We were surprised with the ease and speed at which the system assembled. A huge thank you to Tony for his help, enthusiasm and advice.” – Project Manager Stephen Gallagher.

With the new sewer in place, the site was all set to redirect the excess waste water to the new storage tank.