Can you give a brief outline of your role at Ant Hire Solutions?
I’m an Internal Sales Representative which means I proactively contact existing, lapsed and potential customers to sell our unique range of problem-solving products which are only available through Ant Hire Solutions.

What did you do before your role here at Ant Hire Solutions?
Before starting at Ant Hire Solutions earlier this year I was a Sales Manager at Qualsafe, where I was responsible for a team of Account Managers. We focused on selling training manuals, equipment, and qualifications to Health & Safety training companies. I have worked in other sales focused roles over my career and I’m glad to be settled at Ant Hire Solutions.

What has working at Ant Hire Solutions taught you?
It has been interesting to see how the UK water industry operates and I’ve learnt what an AMP cycle is!  I’ve had the importance of water and how precious a commodity it is reinforced in my mind and how even in the UK we shouldn’t take it for granted. My wife is now sick of me telling her to have a shower and not a bath to help save water!

What do you enjoy most about your role at Ant Hire Solutions?
I love the interaction with the customers and showing them our unique products and services that mostly have been created in house at Ant Hire Solutions. I also really enjoy the fact that in my role I am involved with all the various teams throughout the business, there really is a ‘family’ culture here.

What are your interests outside of work?
I have a keen interest in Golf, Football (watching not playing these days) American football, going to the gym, cooking (and eating) and most importantly spending time with my 2 wonderful children.

Name one thing that people might not know about you
I have an interesting party trick; I can bend the tips of my fingers without bending the middle.

As Ant Hire Solutions grows, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Wherever I am needed. I love working at Ant Hire Solutions and see myself growing with the company, developing solid relationships with our customers.