Ensuring Right First Time Hydrostatic Pressure Testing with Customer Onboarding

Ant Hire Solutions’ pressure testing customer onboarding process ensures contractors and utility companies have best practise knowledge of conducting safe and complaint hydrostatic pipeline pressure testing with Ant Hire Solutions unique equipment.

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Customer onboarding is a service we offer to our pressure testing customers to ensure they have the skills to deliver best practice pipeline pressure tests. In the safest and most efficient way, in compliance with the Water UK’s IGN 4-01-03: ‘Guide to pressure testing of pressure pipes and fittings for use by public water suppliers’.

As much of our pressure testing equipment is built in-house, such as our pressure testing pumps, customer onboarding is recommended to all new customers to guarantee best test outcomes. Customers experiencing difficulties in achieving a successful test may also access this service to help them identify performance issues and deliver a successful outcome.

The onboarding process is reviewed with customers during their initial hiring enquiry. Whilst discussing every customers’ specific pressure test requirements to determine the exact equipment required. Due to the many pit falls that can occur when not following exacting standards, our Customer Service team also ask about their pressure testing experience, knowledge of our equipment and confidence in carrying out a test.

If a need for additional support is identified, we can arrange for our Field Customer Service experts to visit the customers’ site and work with the operatives on a real-time hydrostatic pressure test; demonstrating the best practice approach for safe and compliant pipeline pressure testing.

Once our onboarding expert has helped the onsite team prepare and starts the pressure test, our support continues with our unique real-time intervention, helping customers achieve a test pass as safely and efficiently as possible. Our expert Pressure Test Analysts monitor the pressure test from ‘start to finish’ remotely, giving customers real-time progress updates and over the phone support if any issues arrive.

Pipeline pressure testing can be a complex and potentially hazardous activity especially when a customer is unfamiliar with the industry requirements. Our customer onboarding proactively helps contractors get their pressure tests to pass stage, whilst training the onsite team in best practice pressure testing standards using our dedicated equipment.

We want to share our knowledge with our customers to help future proof the UK’s water network and support the creation of leak-free new networks.

Through expert customer onboarding, real-time test intervention and comprehensive test data in our PIPE Data Dashboard, we can ensure our customers conduct safe, compliant and timely hydrostatic pressure tests, every time.

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