Digital Pressure-Testing Platform Aims to Achieve 100% Leak-Free New Networks

Ant Hire Solutions, the leading provider of specialist pipeline equipment and services to water companies, drainage contractors and civil engineers, has launched PIPE, a unique pressure testing data management system and dashboard developed to help deliver 100% leak-free new networks through technology and data.

With industry-leading equipment and expert intervention, PIPE provides a single view of pipeline pressure test performance, air content levels and leakage data in real time, with all test outcomes saved for reference and searchable by location, operator and job reference. It speeds up the pressure testing process, centralising everything in one system and enabling users to ensure safety and compliance on every test. All test certificates can be downloaded from the platform’s certificate manager.

The PIPE dashboard provides customers with the data and insight to take control of their pipeline pressure testing, with GPS-enabled, location-specific tagging, enabling contractors to effectively coordinate pressure testing activities safely, to the highest standards on and across sites, ensuring only safe and compliant pipelines enter the network.

Some 3.2 billion litres of water, enough to supply 22 million people with their daily requirements, are lost through leakage in the network every day, and eight out of 18 water firms are currently missing leakage targets.

As a result of this and set against a backdrop of extraordinary challenges presented by population growth and climate change, water companies have been set the ambitious target to halve leakage by 2050.


“The inaccurate pressure testing of new pipes joining the network is allowing a large quantity of faulty assets to join the network. Over the last few years, we have seen increased demand from water companies looking to qualify the validity and accuracy of pressure test data. We have responded to this demand by developing a dedicated pipeline pressure testing system and dashboard, enabling water companies to take control of pressure testing and therefore helping to reduce new network leaks. Our unique platform will enable water companies to manage the pressure testing of new pipelines entering the network conveniently, compliantly and efficiently, while reducing paperwork and helping to hit leakage reduction targets.”

In pressure tests carried out by Ant Hire Solutions, only 68% passed first time, with 25% of all test interventions being due to safety reasons, the result of dangerous levels of excess air in the pipelines under test. In addition, more than 197km of new pipeline was pushed to compliance through Ant Hire Solutions’ active intervention (over an 18-month period).

To support the launch of PIPE, Ant Hire Solutions has also created a best practice e-book ‘Take Control: Nine Steps to Leak-free New Networks’ designed to help water companies and contractors plan and perform trouble-free hydrostatic pressure tests and pipeline repairs.